What to do before the appointment

It’s important to know if you’re before a permanent makeup!

Once you set a date for your permanent makeup and you follow these little rules before the appointment, then the circumstances are given for the intervention to go as good as it can.

  • Hydration is very important before lips permanent makeup! It is recommended to pay extra attention to lip care on the days before the permanent makeup. Pigmentation is difficult on dry, chapped lips. Blooding may occur as well which affects the incorporation of the pigment.
  • If you ever had herpes on your lips, it is recommended to take medicine which contains at least 800 mg Acyclovir 3 days before and after the appointment.
  • Please pay attention to UV protection 3-4 days before the permanent makeup. The process cannot be done on red/sunburnt skin.
  • The 3D eyelashes have to be removed 2-3 days before permanent eyelid makeup.
  • If you wear contact lenses then they have to be taken out during the process. Please bring your glasses with you!
  • Please do not carry out peeling and facial cleansing treatments on the days before your appointment.
  • It is advised to check on which days of the cycle the permanent makeup is. Women are more sensitive and tend to bleed more during PMS.
  • Please do not take high-caffeinated drinks and alcohol, because people tend to bleed more if they’re drinking them.
  • It is recommended to get your eyebrows painted at the latest 4-5 days before the permanent eyebrows makeup.

These information are serving the interests of the guests. Adherence is recommended, but not mandatory. The sensitivity and bleeding of the individuals can be different.

Booking process

1 Choose your permanent makeup artist!

We have organized the works of our professional make-up tattoo team into separate folders, so you can easily find the artist whose style suits you best.

2 Choose your appointment!

You can book an appointment with Bettina by phone or email, and the easiest way is to book online with the girls.

3 We can’t wait to see you!

Before you come to us for your appointment, please don't forget to read the information on what you need to pay attention to before getting a make-up tattoo.

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