Who is it for?

For everyone! It is the only type of permanent makeup which is recommended to anyone. Whether it’s an upper eyelid tattoo with eyelash thickening or a powerful contour line, there is no woman for whom it wouldn’t look great.

I’m sure you’ve thought about it before, but for some reason you didn’t do it.

You have a problem with any of the followings:

  • Are your eyes often watery and that blurs your makeup?
  • Is your sagging eyelid touching your ink line and wash it away?
  • You don’t feel like doing your makeup in the morning because it will be washed away by the end of the day anyhow?
  • Isn’t there enough emphasis on your eyes?

We highly recommend Permanent Eyelid Makeup for you!

Permanent Eyelid Makeup Types

Upper eyelid tattoo with eyelash thickening: It’s recommended for someone who likes solid makeup and natural style. This eyelid type has the finest effect. The bottoms of the eyelashes are connected with tattoo so the eyes are highlighted but the “secret” cannot be noticed.

Upper eyelid contouring: In this case not only the bottoms of the eyelashes are tattooed but the eyelid line above them. It’s purpose is to harmonise with the eyes shape and colour which rejuvenate optically and highlights the eye’s colour. It gives a seductive look.

Smokey upper eyelid: If you like the pure makeup effect, then this one is just for you. There is no sharp contour line because it has an effect like the pencil line would be shaded. It can be made for upper or lower eyelid too.

Important! It is absolutely crucial that Your charisma is reflected during the planning of the colours and the shape/line. Our goal is to have such a positive change on your face which is in harmony with Your personality!

How does the process go?

After our telephone conversation/consultation you visit our salon at the agreed time - please note that certain things have to be taken into consideration before a permanent makeup. The first and most important step is the planning as it is with every permanent makeup. We choose the right curve, shape and technique for you after detailed and precise pre-drawing. This drawing won’t be wiped out - the permanent makeup will be made along this. The process starts once we agree that both the colour and the shape will harmonise with You.

Don’t worry about the pain!

We use anaesthetic gel/cream in all cases. The process might be inconvenient for some but it’s definitely painless.

The tattooing is always done on closed eyes!

Please be aware, that permanent makeup on eyelids comes with swelling in most cases. It happens right after tattooing and for the following 1-2 days.

How long does the healing take?

The eyelids can be a bit crusty/wounded for 4 to 7 days. After that the crust will lift off nicely from the surface of the skin. It is FORBIDDEN to pick it or to help the separation of the it from the eyelid!

The entire healing time is 28 days. The UV protection is very important.

It is ideal to complete the correction at least 6 weeks, but at most 3 months after the first occasion.

The correction is included in the price!