Who is it for?

We recommend it for people who are facing any of the below listed problems:

  • the eyebrows are incomplete
  • the color of the eyebrows are too light
  • their form is shapeless
  • the eyebrows are not dense enough, it got thinner over the years
  • the eyebrows are not matching her face, or style
  • if it bothers that the eyebrows are too round
  • the hair is completely worn out

If any of these statements are valid for you then it’s time to make your life better with a permanent makeup eyebrow.

Types of eyebrow tattoos:

Soft Powder Eyebrow

Powder-effect eyebrows are the new revolution of satire. The point is that it looks like when you use powder and a brush to make up your eyebrows without a contour and a definite line. It is much more natural compared to the old, traditional contoured satire. It is a huge success worldwide!

Powder Brows

As a layman, it is very difficult to distinguish this technique from the classic Soft Powder, because there is very little difference between them. In this technique, the lower arch of the eyebrows is the most developed and gradually softens upwards towards the forehead. This is the 2.0 version of the classic Soft Powder, which guests love.


This is a new technique developed by us, which is very similar to Soft Powder. The main difference is that with Soft Powder, the eyebrows are powdery on all sides, there is no sharp contour line at the bottom, top or front, only a soft porous effect.

Hybrid technique

It is a combination of machine threading and powder technique. The front of the eyebrows is made of very thin, natural tattooed fibers, while the back part of the eyebrows is made with a powder technique. As a result, we get a wonderful natural effect, which does not stand out, but still emphasizes the face beautifully.

Hair stroke technique

The essence of the technique is to imitate hairs using a make-up tattoo machine. Threading is an extremely complex process, the goal of which is to create an eyebrow tattoo that is as close to natural as possible. This technique is also constantly being renewed, more and more realistic thread arrangements, and different threading variations offer almost endless possibilities for those guests whose vision is the most natural effect.

In my opinion - after seeing many messed up eyebrow tattoos - a shorter permanent makeup tattoo lifespan is an advantage in several ways. According to my experience, the guests nowadays also prefer makeup tattoos that wear off within a few years. In this way, the shape and color can be changed at any time and thus the character of the face can be influenced.

The constant change in fashion, the large-scale development of make-up and make-up tattooing trends cannot allow a make-up tattoo on the face that lasts for several years and is noticeable from afar.

How does the process go?

After our telephone conversation/consultation you visit our salon at the agreed time - please note that certain things have to be taken into consideration before a permanent makeup. The first and most important step is the planning as it is with every permanent makeup. We choose the right curve, shape and technique for you after detailed and precise pre-drawing. For the hair stroke method we usually draw the contour of the future eyebrow and fill it with realistic strokes. The contour won’t be tattooed of course.

Don’t worry about the pain!

We use anaesthetic gel/cream in all cases so the process is absolutely painless. The eyebrow tattooing has minimal swelling, or comes with erythema in some instances. However, the client can return to her duties or to work right after it.

How long does the healing take?

The eyebrows can be a bit crusty for 5 to 7 days. After that it will lift off nicely from the surface of the skin. It is FORBIDDEN to pick it, scratch it or to help the separation of the crust!

It is ideal to complete the correction at least 6 weeks, but at most 3 months after the first occasion.

The correction is optional: the fee is HUF 25,000 - 50,000.

Booking process

1 Choose your permanent makeup artist!

We have organized the works of our professional make-up tattoo team into separate folders, so you can easily find the artist whose style suits you best.

2 Choose your appointment!

You can book an appointment with Bettina by phone or email, and the easiest way is to book online with the girls.

3 We can’t wait to see you!

Before you come to us for your appointment, please don't forget to read the information on what you need to pay attention to before getting a make-up tattoo.

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